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09 July 2006 @ 09:17 am
More than a month  
I guess I missed that goal of posting at least once every 30-days.

Our time has been very busy as is usual these days. Work has required some overtime and, on almost every weekend in June, we have been helping my uncle get established in his new home in Cloverdale. It is about 90 miles from Emeryville so it is like driving to Twin but with CA traffic. His new place has come together nicely and, except for needing a small dining room table, he is doing very well.

Paxton has moved back in with us. He plans on just passing through after saving up some money. His destination is LA and the whole movie-making adventure. Within a short time, he landed a job at Starbucks and hopes to get some swing movie theater work. The plan is that in August he will be looking to move into his own place. I think he is delaying LA for at least six months at this point.

Kathy and I are still coping with all the changes in the past couple of years. I will be honest - it has been very hard. Deep despair and seemingly insurmountable financial issues has waltzed in and out of our lives during this time. Our faith and reason have been strong enough to stem the tide but not without strength sapping exertion. Evidence of my illness that we had believed God to have completely healed has led me to start talking meds again. The memories of those painful days has given Kathy something akin to PTSD.

To combat these challenges, Kathy and I have improved our diet, increased our level of exercised, and keep on working to get every last box unpacked. The vetting of the books continues and the apartment feels more like home everyday.

Books: Process Theology by Cobb, Generation of Swine by Thompson

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