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03 December 2007 @ 01:36 pm
Six months check-in post  
With job interviews including doing Google searches and reading personal blogs, it is becoming a bit dangerous to have a public blog with too much personal information. I am not talking about explicitly bad TMI posts (SSN, phone numbers, bank accounts, etc) but about the more subtle analysis of frequency of illness, professionalism in responding to comments, keeping comments clean, and investigating who you are willing to call friend. It is like six-degrees of separation. "How many friends between our job candidate and some public drunkard or self-professed anarchist?" Technically, such a background search should require the job candidate to sign a release but with the age of the Web, it is so easy to use a reverse vanity search (Google your name) to find out gobs of information on people.

Some job candidates are using this to their advantage and are getting their name on articles on various professional websites. Recently, I interview a candidate who include the Google search phrase to use to find all his/her posts and comments on some highly technical websites. It was kind of creepy for me as the interviewer. On one hand, that seems cool but it is not like these are in a peer-reviewed journal. As we all know, some websites will let users post anything to keep the UGC flowing (user-generated content), kind of like reality TV shows.

Anyway, I thought I post a quick update on my blog. Kathy and I are now living in the Seattle-area. My job is going well and, overall, our health is good.

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